Games We Play

We all play games with our cats. One of my favorite is actually a combination of 2 games. The first, not much of a game, is Bunker-Kitty. It involves building a “bunker” out of the couch pillows in the corner of the couch. Shadow cannot resist this. He loves when he can curl up in his “bunker” and sleep. He will spend hours just sitting there. The second, is Trap-Door Kitty. The bunker is needed (required) for this one. I slide my hand barely between the “lid” of the bunker and the “wall.” All of a sudden, out shoots a paw from the lid, grasping at my hand. Every now and then, his head will come out as well. Then, as quickly as it shot out, it disappears back into the bunker. It reminds me of how the Trapdoor Spider feeds.

The one game I hate playing with Shadow is Hide-And-Seek. When my then girlfriend and daughter (3 year old) come over, we like to play Hide-And-Seek. Shadow, never wanting to be left out of an activity, tries to play along. The only problem with this, is that he usually stands beside where I hide and meows or scratches at the door where I am hiding. My girlfriend’s daughter has caught on that if she follows the cat, she will find me. I know, it is cute, but can be frustrating when you are always found within the first 30 seconds every time.I love exercising Shadow with different toys. Most he tires of very quickly. One, however, he has never gotten tired of is the Laser Pointer. If you have ever seen a cat or dog go after a laser pointer, it is one of the funniest things you will ever see. Shadow will end up over 6 ft in the air jumping off the wall trying to get the little red dot. He once got so dizzy that he walked crooked for about 5 minutes. He walked into the wall twice trying to get down the hall… Some of you may think it is cruel that he got this dizzy, but half of it was him chasing his tail…

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