Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival – Week 1

Well, last weekend marked the opening of the KY Highland Ren Fest 2nd season.  Somehow, it is bigger and better than last year.  I spent all day on Saturday walking the faire, visiting the booths, watching the shows, cheering the jousting and drinking at the ale house.  I met a lot of great people both in the cast and guest, dressed up in period wear. 

I had such a good time on Saturday, I got my own costume out of storage (I usually only wear it for Halloween) and got it ready to go back on Sunday.  I get up, shower, put on my costume, get in the car and head the 30 miles to the faire.  Only problem is I never made it.  2 miles from the faire, my car’s alternator died, stopping me in my tracks.  This was at 10 in the morning.  I got home at 3 pm because the tow truck driver got lost and drove around for more than an hour.  Long story short, I was too tired and depressed knowing I had a large bill coming my way in the next couple days. 

However, I am really looking forward to making out there this coming weekend.  It has been a long week of anticipated joy and fun.

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