In March, Shadow and I lost 3 members of our family. My (ex) wife and her daughter moved out and we are getting a divorce. Unfortunately, they also took Miss T. Without getting into a whole lot of detail, I miss Miss T more than my (ex)wife, and I know poor Shadow misses his little partner in crime. For the first week or so after their departure taking Miss T, Shadow paced the house, mewing and whining, searching Miss T’s favored haunts. He took to brooding in high places, under furniture, biting ankles (well, he did that before, but more now) and being impersonal. This was a happy, carefree cat before the departure.

It has now been a couple months, and while Shadow is back to his old self again, I know he still misses his little buddy. Every now and again, I catch him checking under the bed for Miss T. But, he has stopped the brooding and curbed the ankle-biting. He is also acting happier and running and playing again with random objects. 

It is funny, and interesting, to see that animals react to loss the same way as us humans. I am just glad that Shadow is getting back to normal.

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