On Moving In…

Back in the last week of June, 2003, I added a new kitten into Shadow’s realm. Shadow had been a solitary cat living with a single guy for 4 years. Last year, I added my (ex)wife and her daughter into the mix. It took Shadow a bit to get used to them, but he took it in stride. They have been in the house now for a year and he was working well with them.

Now, though, the new kitten offered him something else to consider. This little ball of fur was smaller than he (most cats are smaller than Shadow) and he could keep it under his control. At first, he hated the kitten, growling like a dog, hissing and spitting. He wouldn’t even let me pick him up. It took them a good 3 weeks before they could be in the same room and not fight like their life depended on it. 

The first 6 weeks, the kitten, now called Miss T, for Miss Trouble, stayed in a smaller room in my house, while Shadow kept his free reign. Now, though, they are more like a big brother, little sister pair. They still fight, but it is more playing than dominance. Miss T tried to be dominant, but Shadow, and his 12 pounds, kept her where he thought she should be, secondary. He still owns the house.

In the future, I think, if any other new additions come into my house, I am going the have to let Shadow approve them first.

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