Princess Grace

Shortly after Miss T came into our home we began to notice how she was less coordinated than most kittens. She is bow-legged, and it hasn’t gotten any better with time. She is now 7 months old, and she isn’t getting any more graceful. She has learned to scale the higher objects in the house now, but she still lacks grace. We were reminded of her lack of grace this evening, when she decided to jump from our living room sofa to the bar area of our kitchen (probably 2 feet up and 1.5 feet over). She hit the top of the bar, skidded on the place mat and knocked the portable phone off the wall. This frightened her so much that she launched off of the bar, over the bar stool and across the living room, where she hid underneath our topiary turtle. She hid there for several minutes before deciding that it was safe enough to emerge and lick herself and pretended not to have fallen.

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