Sleeping in a Warm Spot

I would say about 99% of the time, when I come home from work, Shadow is at the kitchen door waiting for me as soon as he hears the garage door open. What can I say, he loves me. Actually, I think it is more for the treat I give him when I come home. It is kind of a “Hello, I’m home and I am sorry I left you alone for the entire day to sleep,” ritual. Well, I do not know how it make Shadow feel, but I like the feeling of him being there when I come in. Make me feel loved.

Not long ago, I came home from work, expecting to see the “smiling” face and incessant rubbings of Shadow. However, he was not there. I shook the treat bowl, knowing the sound would bring him running at “kitty-light-speed” to get his “deserved” treat for “watching” the house all day long. Nothing. I look in the usual spots, above the entertainment center, on the cabinets, under the beds, on the ledge in the bedroom, the sinks, check the closets to make sure he had not gotten in and locked himself in. I look all over the house, for over an hour.Finally, I went and looked around in the one room where he never, to my knowledge, spends time. I look all over the guest bedroom, under the bed, behind the dresser and nightstands, in the closet. Finally, I started moving the pillows off the bed, to see if he had crawled behind them. As I lifted the final pillow, I noticed a lump in the spread, right at the base of where the pillows go. Low and behold, after removing the spread, a dazed, sleepy cat looked up at me with a “you had better put that back or else” expression on his face. I laughed, picked him up, replaced the spread and pillows, and got him his treat.

Now, he has not gotten back there since, but I notice the spread a bit ruffled up when I come home sometimes.

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