Subwoofer Surprise

For those of us who love good movies, and the only way to watch a good movie, is to have good sound, a 5.1 Dolby digital DVD and Tuner with full speaker compliment (sub woofer included) is a necessity. Now, this is not a story to brag about my home theater. It isn’t the best in the world, but it gets the job done quite nicely. I just purchased the sub woofer and spent half the day tuning it so it sounded perfect (to me.) I went out, got a couple DVD movies. Both were action; I wanted to test out the new sub woofer.

Shadow, curious as ever, was laying on the new piece of furniture. I turned on the TV, turned up the volume a bit so the sub would kick in a little. As soon as it started thumping, the cat leapt straight in the air and landed just in time for another thump, which again sent Shadow straight up. This time, Shadow got off the speaker and went to lay on the couch, looking over his shoulder the entire way. I put the movie in, pressed play and sat down on the couch, settling in for a good night of movies.As funny as the Cat Trampoline was, this is where the really funny stuff begins. I turned up the volume and prepared to be blown away. Shadow got into his “bunker: some pillows stacked at the corner of the couch, with one over the “box” ad a lid. He love it, and will sleep there all day. We are about an hour into the second movie, during an action lull. I am half asleep, but the cat is quite out. All of a sudden, BOOM!!!

I sit bolt upright, but not before a crazed cat took a flying leap from within his bunker, knocking the top pillow over the back of the couch. Now, we all know cats can jump inhuman distances. I have seen mine jump from the floor to the top of the fridge. Shadow, poor thing, flew through the air in a striking superman pose. His fur was standing on end. The tail was a good 5 inches in diameter (compared to the normal 1 inch) and he looked to be 3 times bigger. He cleared over 8 feet in the air, starting from a dead sleep. He jumped over me, the coffee table (corner to far corner,) and another few feet before hitting the ground and tearing around the house.

After recovering from shock, I was able to laugh, both at myself and the now huge cat. I looked back into Shadow’s bunker to see if he had “blown his coat,” and luckily no. Not only would it have been a mess, but that would have had to have been one hell of a scare. Since then, Shadow has gotten used to the new edition to the house. He sits on it now all the time, I guess he likes the thumps. Maybe it’s therapeutic for him, in a cat way.

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