Taking a Bath

I am sure every cat owner know the first, and most expensive thing your cat ever broke. For me, it was a model ship which cost over $300. I had it sitting on a seemingly inaccessible ledge in my bedroom. Now, I was sitting watching a movie when I heard a bump, scratching, a pause and then a crash.

I went back to my room to see what was going on, and my ship was laying on the floor, broken beyond repair, and a very confused cat sitting looking down on me from a height of almost 10 feet. Well, needless to say I was a bit miffed… I knew it was time for kitty to get his first bath.So, I got a ladder, got the cat, went into the guest bathroom, removed anything breakable, shut the door, turned on the bathwater and got a decent temperature. After there was significant water in the tub, I put the cat in (it only came up to his belly) and shut the glass shower doors.

Now, I bet you are wondering just how far Shadow went off… I was wondering the same thing, but to my surprise, he went swimming. It made me even more upset, because I was hoping this would be a punishment, but instead it turned out to be a game. After a couple minutes watching him play, I gave him a good shampoo, rinse and then tried to get him out…

This was more difficult than getting him in. Not only was he wet, but he did not want to leave. Finally I got him out, towel dried him to get a bulk of the water off, and then introduced him to the hair drier. I still have scars. I decided it was better to let him lick himself dry and dress my own wounds.

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