Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival – Week 2

Well, another weekend over, and 2 more Faire days down.  It is moving too quickly, it seems.  This was my first weekend in costume, and I loved it.  I had so much fun, blending in with the faire and getting waves from other guests in and out of costume.  I met some great people, guests and cast and vendors alike!  I am glad there are still 6 weeks left.

It was also good to run into some of the people from during the day.  Deathdwarf and his wife and son and OnlyPlaying and Avanti.  Hell, even my roommate show up for a couple hours and took in Dr. Kaboom and the Mud Beggars.  I am hoping to have a whole Ghoul outting to the faire a little later this summer.  It was also great meeting

at her boothe and talk with her for a few minutes.

As I left on Sunday and was driving home, I found myself looking forward to next Saturday.  While I wish I could spend the whole weekend up there again, Sunday is Father’s Day, so I must perform my obligation as son and put in an appearence with the family.  Hmmm, maybe I can convince them to come to the Faire?  Well, gonna try, at least.

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