Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival – Week 3

Wow, is it just me or is this faire just flying by?  I mean, on Saturday it seemed like I walked through the gate at 10 am, but walked through the Tower gates at 1 pm.  The morning flew by, as did the weekend.  Three weekends down already. 😦

It was really good, however, to see so many people on Saturday.  There were a few times the food pavilion was full.  Even with the heat, there were a lot of people.  I found out that there needs to be a better water/ale ratio if you want to stay hydrated this summer.  Man, I left with a headache I know was more from lack of water than amount of ale consumed.  I am down to needing 1 or 2 more pieces for my costume.  I would like to get a “VanHelsing”-style hat and the hand-and-a-half sword down near the jousting ring.  I think the hat will come first.  I am also gonna get another shirt or two and some more pants.  And, if the budget holds out, a nice cape.  Wow, probably gonna have to prioritize a little… 

Sunday was just plain hot and humid.  I think I spent $15 on water and $5 on ale…  Quite a different raito…  I was suprised at the number of people that came in overall, considering it was both Sunday and Father’s Day.  Again, man, what a hot day.  I think, though I hope I am wrong, that the rest of the summer season will be more like it than last weekend.

I will see you all next weekend!

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