Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival – Week 4

Yes, even though I was “naked” this past Saturday, I was still there. I did do some soul capturing (and releasing) during the day. I have put the resulting photos on my website at the following address. Please, the photos were put up to keep the best resolution as possible, so be patient as the photos load up. They are worth it. I hope these allow you all to have some memories of this great day. If you would like a full resolution photo, please, let me know either via this website or through the links on the gallery.

It is hard to believe the fair is already half over.  I have enjoyed myself a lot so far, and it is only going to get better.  The new Pirate Shantyman and his Bonny Lass are a hoot, ARRRRR!!!!  Men of Thunder are on the way for the next 4 weekends, yay!  I have enjoyed meeting so many of the cast, vendors, crew and acts this year.  I know I will be a bit sad when the fair is over.  I am going to have to find a way to keep in touch during the off season.  Need more LJ friends, that it… 

Coronation took place on Saturday.  We have finally made it official, Scotland has a King!  Long live the King!  Long live the Queen!  Long live Scotland!

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