On Music and a Question

We all love music, in one form or another.  Very few things in life impress a feeling for certain situations or memories than that of music.  I love all kinds of music, but my top 5 styles (not in order)  are Celtic, Blues, Rock, New Age, Native American.  Each type for me puts me in a different mood.  Blues mellow me out, keep me on an even keel.  Rock, well, it gets me moving, and is responsible for more than 1 speeding ticket.  Native American takes me to a medatative state, chasing down part of my heritage.  Celtic livens my soul taking me on journies past and leaves me feeling either completely energized or a little sad and homesick.  New Age is just fun, soulfull and filled with energy.

I give those descriptions to lead into something I am watching.  Over a year ago, my (ex) wife and I caught “Celtic Women” on PBS.  Soon after, I bought the DVD to see it uncut and in better sound.  I have been to many concerts, orchestras, shows in the past, but that performance was haunting and I thought it was one of the best I had seen in a very long while.  Mix of celtic traditional and popular music with some of the most beautiful and haunting voices, I thought it could not be topped.  However, the opening song of their second DVD, “A New Journey” took my breath away and gave me chills.  The fact it was performed at Slane Castle, Ireland is even better.  It brought back memories of my trip to the Isles a few years ago.  I was lucky enough to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle during the Fringe Festival.  I still get chills and a little teary when I close my eyes and remember the lone piper on the ramparts, backlit by torches, playing “Scotland the Brave.”  It is one of those “You have to do this at least once in your lifetime” moments.

What music gets your blood flowing and brings back the flood of memories?

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