Been a while…

I am still here, just lurking while I put things together.  I took last week off (not from work, but from everything else) and did nothing.  I feel bad about it, I know people are waiting on the photos from the last weekend of the fair.  I did get the “After Hours” album uploaded.  If you want to see it, you will need to contact a cast member, as I was requested to keep those private…  There will be more photos later this week, I promise.

As to other updates, I am still waiting on the divorce to be final.  The ex has not even gotten a lawyer yet…  And SHE accused me of dragging things out…  Funny…  She has had the papers since June, but I am dragging the divorce out because I will not just “pay her the 18k she is ‘owed’ and she will sign it.”  Heh, no way.  Especially when a document she is trying to leverage is a fraudulent document according to my lawyer.  Yeah, we all got together at my lawyer’s office on the 30th to “discuss” things…  He told her not to come back to the table without legal council…  Haha, I nearly died laughing when I heard the details…  No, I am not going to elaborate here, no need… 

As to this past weekend, I woke up at 10am on Saturday and was like “Shit!  I am gonna miss the first couple hours of the fair!” until I realized it was over for the season.  Couldn’t get back to sleep, however.  I went downtown to Forecastle.  It was a decent little festival with some decent music and booths.  I am not normally into activism, not that I do not agree with a lot of what the enviro-activists believe in, I just don’t have the time to do what they do.  I am glad to see people out standing up for things that cannot speak for themselves.  Rain threatened all day, but never came.  Kept it relatively cool, though.  Overall a nice day.  Sunday, went and saw “Dawn Escape.”  Good movie, entertaining and, as a fan of Christian Bale, love the characters.  I did nothing else after that.

On another note, I have started exercising again…  Walked close to 3 or 4 miles yesterday at E.P. Tom Sawyer park.  Trying to make it a M/W/F/S/S kinda deal when I can.  I got started at the fair, lost over 15# and I know 2 inches on my waste…  I need to keep active to keep it up, and I am hoping after the divorce is over I can get back into the gym.  I just don’t want too many extra expenses right now.

As to the future, I will be at Conglomeration over the weekend of August 10, 11, 12 and then on to Gencon over August 16-19.  Busy couple weekends coming up.  I am gonna try and go to the Dragon Exhibit at Frazer Arms this weekend, but will have to see how it plays out.

To everyone on here from the KHRF – Thank you for a great summer.  One of the best I have had in a long time, and truly a life-saver considering the funk I was in at the beginning.  I feel that I have really made some great friends and life-long friends at that.  I am looking forward to seeing some of you at Conglomeration and hopefully the rest at either the Ohio Fair (coming up Labor day and in October) or the Celtic Music Fest at the KHRF grounds.

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