Gen Con 2007

Well, another GenCon has come and go. What a freaking good time, again. Went with 3 other really good friends, and met up with 2 more for a rousing good time of gaming, tokens, cards, movies and speaches. We finally got to stay at the site, within walking distance. A plus.

The first day opened up with a great run through the True Dungeon – I survived with my group and got the button to proove it. We got lunch and went to the True Arena – much fun was had, and Tim moved on to the finals in a rousing victory. We celebrated with beer. From there, I met up with

for a few minutes. Went from there to probably the highlight of the trip, a pannel where Larry Elmore, Icon of the industry, took us back to the birth of Dragonlance and other iconic images from the industry. His stories of the comedic times in the art room at TSR and the interaction of all the other writers and artists and people in the company producing the art and images we have all grown up with. For 2 hours, the room was taken back 20-30 years and placed into a world where the creation of fantasy took place. The experience was awesome, and I lack the words to acurately describe it. John and I finished the day with the screening of “Conan the Barbarian.”

Friday, John and I went to the True Arena a second time, and both made it into the finals, with me taking the semi finals victory. We went to a couple seminars, including Extreme Dungeon Mastering with Tracey Hickman, yet another icon of fantasy. Too much fun. More drinking and gaming ensued, and I joined

for an excellent game he wanted to playtest since he was going to be running it the following day for real. It was based on d20 rules in a world of D&D and Steamboy combined. Afterwards, I rejoined the other people I went up with for a seminar given by Margaret Weis, Tracey Hickman and others including James Marsden (voice of Tasselhoff Burrfoot from the Dragonlance Movie) where the trailer was shown and discussed as well as some discussion of the novels. From there, I went to see the comedy music show with Luke Ski, Tom Smith and more.

showed up there as well. It was a great time and again I came out with a headache from laughing so hard. We finished out the day with the screening of “Army of Darkness”

Saturday, we had a game of AD&D (first edition, btw) with the author of the actual modules for Mauer Castle.  Heh, again, an icon who was with the industry from the beginning.  It was great, though we did not have enough time, and some of the people in the group were morons.  Not the DM’s fault…  It was a great time, however Tim and I had to leave early for the True Arena Championships.  Well, I ended up getting knocked out in the 2nd round, Tim and John in the first, but it was great fun, considering none of us expected to be there more than the prelims.  We celebrated with beer and food and movies during dinner.  John and I went back to the Westin for some movies, wanting to catch “Ghost in the Shell” though that one never arrived and we saw Witchblade instead.  After that, Chris joined John and I  for the screening of “Aliens.”

Sunday was spent solely in the exhibit hall.  It took so much time to walk the floor, it had to be reserved for the final day.  Got some new dice, including a gorgeous quartz d20.  I also got my prize purchase; hardback copy with gold leaf page edges, annotated and signed by Tracey Hickman, Margaret Weis and Larry Elmore.  This was the first series of fantasy novels I ever read, and they stick with me forever.  To have this copy just takes me back to a part of my childhood I will never get back, but will always remember.  These people hold a special place in my heart.

Overall, again, this was such a great time, I am already planning on next year’s excursion.  If you like gaming of any kind, this is worth every penny.

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