Opening Weekend at the Ohio Ren Faire!

What a weekend.  Everything started with a 2-2.5 hour car ride from Louisville, through Lawrenceburg and on up into Ohio about 30 miles north of Cincy.  James, Missy and I stayed with some friends of James’ (who I now consider friends) who were running one of the Pubs at the ORF.  We stayed with them Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, which was a blessing.

Opening day was a trip.  There were gobs of people and the opening of the gates was a lot of fun.  The best part was running into so many people from the KYRF.  From our Bar Wenches to the Captain and the Town Drunk and Wes, of course.  A lot of the vendors from the KYRF were also there and it was good seeing them.  Of course, we all drank alot and got silly.  Oh, and Edna showed up with her husband Ron.  She was her usual self.  At the cast pub sing, she molested and chased one of the Romans.  The whole area was laughing so hard, and it is probably the biggest laugh the guy ever got, or ever will get.  The evening ended with a terrible dinner (though the company was great) at Damon’s.  Long story short, James, Missy, Ginger, Holly, Wes and I went to dinner.  We got drinks at the bar (happy hour) and then ordered food.  More than an hour goes by and we start asking for the manager.  Well, James and Wes chase him down and complain.  Finally, the food comes out, cold and either under or over cooked in the first place.  At that point, the manager comes out and Missy lays into him.  We end up getting the dinner comped and Wes went home with $100 in free beef.

Day two started easily enough.  Got in the gates after the canon fire, ran into more people from KYRF (some of the patrons who remembered us – who was it who called the “camera guy” up on stage last day?  that is all people know me as <haha>) and went and saw David and the Mudde Show – a blast, and there were a few rows who were hit with tidal waves of mud – literally.  Some people were covered head to toe after that show.  They got mud at least 14 rows back – we thought we were safe…  I finally got another, cooler, shirt, which was a godsend on Monday.  Met up with the Capt’n and the Drunk on a bridge just hanging out.  They were doing some singing and light banter with the crowd as they walked by.  We got the attention of a couple kids walking by with foam pugel sticks so we stopped traffic on the bridge and had the do a 3 point fight.  Was a great time.  After the pub sings, we hung around a little and then met up with Randy and Rita (the people we were staying with) at a most excellent mexican spot.  It was Randy, Rita, one of their daughters and her boyfriend, James, Missy, Capt’n Amos, Phillip McGuiness and myself.  We had a great meal and then all went back to Randy and Rita’s for some drink and fun.  Did some songs, looked up some verses for some of the more dirty songs.  Good times.

Day 3 was a long day.  Was blistering hot and humid.  We say a show and then stuck to the shade.  WE went around talking with some of the vendors and other people we knew.  Ran into the Pirate Shantyman and the Bonnie Lass (she’s ready to pop – Sept 25.)  They are a lot of fun, and great people.  This was a light day for drinking, at least for me.  I did end up buying a kilt (Stewert Military tartan) and a very nice 3″ belt.  We left, met Rita and Randy for dinner at the mexican spot again (more great food and service).  We then got all packed up, talked a little more then headed out at around 9:30 pm.  After dropping of James and Missy in Lawrenceburg and heading home myself, it was 1:30 am before I got to bed, and then promptly  got up at 6:30 am for work.

It was a great weekend, and one I want to repeat.  I am heading back over the 15th and 16th as well.  I am supposed to shoot the mudde show for some new postcards they want to do.  Still working out details and such.  I will also be going back in October as well.

I am really stoked for the KYRF Celtic Fest – I miss my faire and the people there.  ORF wasn’t the same, though having company from the KYRF people helped.

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