First Experiences in a Kilt!

Ok, during the first weekend at the ORF I bought a kilt.  It is the Stewart Tartan, and while I can loosely lay claim to it, I would have to search and scrounge for the proper paperwork and lineage tracings.  I love it, however.  Bright red with blue, black, yellow and green.  Anyway…  Got the Kilt and a nice, hand-made belt (3″ wide) with a hand-forged buckle.  Keep in mind, this is not a great kilt, but a tailored kilt – I do not have the patience it would require to properly do the folding and rolling…  I figured yeah, with my new boots and the kilt, I had a couple shirts now I was well on my way to having a decent selection of garb, since I did not want to put a lot of money into it.  Besides, the vendors gave me a hell of a deal on it.

So, I go home, time passes, it is now the 3rd weekend of ORF and time for me to go back up.  So, I pack my new kilt, belt, boots and take proper socks (nice woolen ones that come as high as the boots.  I also pack in the pants I have worn before, not fully comfortable in the kilt yet.  I had only tried it on once sice I got it home.  Enough to know the new red gause shirt I got was not going to work with the kilt as the reds were different enough, even with the 3″ belt.  I drive up, crash at Deiter’s and Jes’ house Friday night.  Tick watching ensued accompanied with much laughter.  “I’m gonna fold you in my wallet and spend you on a whore!”  God, it is lines like that that always bring a smile to my face… 

Saturday dawns, showers taken, kilt doned.  Damn, leather seats are freaking COLD in the mornings…  No big deal, I’m a man, I can handle it.  Drive into the faire and made a stop to get a sporin – oops, forgot.  Also picked up the tartan sash and clasp (forgot the technical term) which was also hand-forged.  Looks sharp, if I do say so myself.  I am going to pick up a couple more shirts – white, yellow, black and possibly blue.  I may also eventually pick up a Black Watch kilt and sash in the future, but right now I need to save some money.  White one next time at the fair, though.  Need another white one no matter what.

Anyway, next time I will be at a fair will be the Celtic Fest at the KYRF site September 29 and 30.  Yay, I will be able to camp and stay from Friday thru Sunday.  Saturday is a long day, 10am through 10 pm, Sunday short, 10 am through 5 pm.  Gonna be FUN!

Oh yeah, regarding kilts – hittin the privies is fast, sanded wooden benches required…  More to come.

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