On Drinking and Slides!

There is something to be said when a good-looking women drinks enough alcohol to look at a slide that is 3 stories high and say “I wanna do that!”  There is something else when she has drank enough to go down said slide in a semi-short, flowy skirt and raise her hands in the air.  There is something to be said for a group of guys standing at the bottom of the slide cheering her on!

In the words of another drinking lady; “Yay faire!”

Along with my previous post about getting and wearing a kilt, the same lady from above said slide says she wants me to go down the slide in the kilt.  My response; “You can’t get me that drunk!” Oh, the funny posts and jibes that have come out of that statement.  Needless to say, it looks like the last weekend of the ORF this year will be an all alcohol expenses paid by a number of very pretty women all hoping to get me on a slide in a kilt…  Some even said they would sandwich me…  Hmmm – you can get me that drunk, takes a sip of beer to make a Brad-sandwich.

“Yay faire!”

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