On Energy and Friendships

First of all.  Spent the whole weekend (Fri-Sun) at the KYRF site for the 2nd annual Celtic Fest.  There was music of all Celtic type all over the site throughout the day.  Saturday was 10 am through 10 pm with a jam session that went well past 11 pm.  As good as all the music was throughout the day, when Mickey Finn’s took the stage at 6:30 pm, the energy level went and blew the roof off the pub.  In all of the 8 weeks of the renfaire, never once was the pub and surrounding area near the pub was the energy level so high.  Normally, people would tap their feet, clap along and have fun, but so many people I were around dancing in the isles, outside the inn, behind the inn, in front of the sound stage.  Patrons, vendors, cast, staff and other musicians were all smiling, laughing, dancing, singing…  It was incredible.  Sunday was a lot of fun as well, though so many of us had used up so much of our energy reserves the night before that the energy level not the same.  Photos will follow very soon this week.

On friendships – friendships can be taxing at times, especially when one is caught in the middle of a feud between two people.  Being a neutral party and trying to stay out of the middle can be hard. 

I personally hate drama, I have had enough in my personal life that I really hate being in the middle of others’ drama.  Two of my friends are in the middle of a fight, which also involves a few other friends.  For some reason, I am finding myself in the middle of this feud as a sounding block.  I have heard all sides, and I can find fault with all sides.  It sucks that they seem not to realize that it is taking so much energy to maintain the animosity and perpetuating the problems with jibes and attacks at each other, catching some of us in the crossfire.

For those who read this and know what I am talking about or are a part of it in even the smallest way, stop.  Especially now that I have been named in this whole fiasco.  And that is what is starting to piss me off now.  I can deal with everyone else taking jibes and crap at each other, even though it puts me back in high school.  To all those who know what I am talking about, I am NOT dating anyone associated with the KYRF, cast, crew, staff or even any of the patrons from this year.  I refuse to be a part of this drama, so if me talking to or console someone, makes me a part of the drama and perpetuating the problems, so be it, I am part of the problem, but know I am doing nothing more than trying to be a stone to lean on for a friend or group of friends…

This faire has become a home, a refuge, a sanctuary from all the outside world and its own drama.  To me, having anything more than friendships with those associated with the faire would, at this point in my life, eventually lead to yet another feud and more unneeded drama.  Guys/Gals – I love you all, and consider you all my friends.  Please, for the love of all, stop this drama, even if you do not like each other now, let this past crap go and move on.  Someone step up and do the right thing.

I am begging you from the bottom of my heart.  You have all put so much of your lives, energy and love in making the KYRF the site that it is forming up to be and is.  Please do not make the wrong choices and hurt each other over some petty grudge and ego.  Let it go!

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