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When I started out the month of March I was married.  Not completely happy, but not constantly fighting either.  One day I caught her cheating on me, though not actually in the act.  A few minutes later she walked out the door and I have seen her 3 times since then.  We used to be friends, compatriots, lovers, partners in crime, now nothing more than two people who could care less about the other, though she is more vindictive and nasty about it than I am.  Some will say “of course he says this…” but I will not go into the many things she has done in the past few months except to say she is using her daughter as a pawn.  Draw your own conclusions.

Middle of March I lost my job of 7 years.  No one to blame here but myself.  Spent too much time online trying to get divorce stuff and other things in line.  Even though my projects were either current or ahead of schedule and my call queue was caught up.  Some said I was an example.  I have no excuse – it was my fault.  I end up being out of work for 5 weeks.  So, I am now alone (save for my cat) in my house, fast approaching the homeless status and no end in sight.  I was looking for a job, there just weren’t any. 

I hit rock bottom, and for the second time in my life, I wondered what gunpowder tasted like.  The first was after a car accident when I was prescribed Demerol (sp?) and was on it 6 months longer than the prescription was and the doctor and pharmacist cut me off cold turkey…

I received an email, newsletter I think, that reminded me of the upcomming KYRF.  At first it was a “bah, whatever.”  Then I figured what the hell.  Not like I have anything else to do this summer.  It was my last ditch effort to care about something again.  I bought the season pass in early April.  A few weeks later, I finally got a new job, a friend said he was losing his apartment and needed a place to stay, so he moved in and rented my basement (yes, it’s finished.)  I kicked off the summer season with a trip with my roommate and another friend up to my boat for Memorial day weekend.

The weekend after, I went to the faire for the first time.  Yes, I went once last year, but…  Saturday was a blast, Sunday cost me 600 in a new alternator…  Remember that whole job issue?  I met a few people, mostly in passing.  I went back the next week “dressed” somewhat.  The rest you all at faire already know.

I came into this faire at my absolute worst and came out of it happier than I had been in a long time.  You all gave me back photography, which I had lost all interest in due to the grief I got whenever I wanted to go out and shoot.  I had literally given up.  I met people who I really think genuinely care about others.  I have met some of my newest best friends through this faire.  This faire has become a sanctuary, and I know I have said it before, I just have not given a clear reason why…

You all helped save my life this summer, and I will always consider you all to be my friends.  Please, realize I really do love you all.  It makes me sad to see what has happened.  It makes me sad to think that there may be some of my saviors I will not see for a while.  I have a strong back for these things, but it is starting to bow a little bit.

I wish everyone happier times over the next few weeks, and I wish for a resolution to come out soon.

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