Don’t know why, but I am feeling a bit morose today.  I don’t think there is another word for it.  I have a feeling it is something residual from whatever dream I had last night.  I cannot remember, which is weird for me.  I am one of those who dream in color and remember 99% of them.  Who knows.  I hate dreams like that – leave you feeling like you lost someone or shot your dog.  It will wear off by lunch, I hope.  On a lighter note, my cat woke me up on time today by standing on my chest and looking straight into my face.  Scared the hell outta me, but was good, since I forgot to set the alarm last night.  Helluva way to wake up.  May even count for some of this weird feeling…

Good weekend coming up however.  I am able to go back up to the Ohio Ren Faire, so there is that to look forward to.  It is always fun up there.  I am hoping to run in to some more old friends from the ol’ KYHRF.  I might be shooting a couple people on either Saturday or Sunday, don’t know which.  Oh, and that is “shooting” as in photographs…  Man, sick people!  Will get to see Kevin and David as well as James and Missy.  Hopfully more will show up at least on one day.  NO matter what, it will be fun.  I do plan on getting another shirt or two; yellow or white (well, natural linen) and possibly a black one.  Who knows?  Oh, and a flask on a strap.  I am also looking forward to seeing a joust up there.  I havent seen one yet.  If it isn’t completely scorching (shouldn’t be) I will be getting a tall beer and watching the mid afternoon show.

Other things are starting to calm down now, thank god.  The beginning of this week was outrageous.  Nope, not gonna rehash it, just glad things seem to be evening out.  Now, to get my own life evened out a little more.  I need a freaking break, but I also need to keep busy, lest the mind wander into realms of weirdness and contemplation and despair.  Well, not that bad.  Of course there is no news on the whole divorce front – she refuses to get a lawyer and mine refuses to meet with her until she does due to purgerous statements she made at the last meeting back at the end of July…  Oh well.  No skin off my back.  Far as I am concerned, it is all over and just needs to be put down.  Only waiting on her signature.

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