Goddamn it was HOT!

Yeah, it was freaking HOT this weekend, Sunday more than Saturday.

It was a good weekend, though.  Saturday was fun, somewhat relaxing (except for the heat) and was a good day to be at the faire.  There was only a few people (no cast) from the KY faire this weekend, but that was OK.  James was stuck working with AJ all weekend. I think he had fun, I think…  Missy, Dave, Edna and Ron and a couple others were there.  Had fun walking and talking with some of the vendors and other friends I have made.

One of the more funny events was where this one patron dressed in a purple shimery gown that was only somewhat in period was making fun of one of the cast member’s dresses (one of the milkmaids, I think) and I sat there and listened to her rant to her husband(?) about it for a good 5 minutes.  I wanted to turn around and ask her how she could have aforded to pay Merlin to  travel forward for the polyester fabric and gotten it dyed puple.  I was nice…  I just got to thinking how some people probably just do not have a nice word for anyone.  Sunday I got some photos of action shots for David and the other mud show guys as well as got some photos for Kevin in his arab garb.  There are going to be a lot of people I am going to miss when the season is over.  Kevin is one of them.  He is always quick with a joke and can put a smile on almost anyone’s face, no matter the heat.

I am looking forward to a nice, though not quiet, weekend with some friends down outside of Bardstown this weekend.  Decompression weekend is our name for it…  It is some needed downtime with some old friends.  Gonna drink, play some games, shoot some guns (17 acres, no animals) ride some ATVs and just have fun relaxing in general.  This is a $30 cigar weekend coming up…

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