Who’s your “Ray Liotta?”

Ok, this is a game that came up when discussing movies with some friends.  One of the guys HATES Ray Liotta with a passion, but he has no real and/or valid reasons why.  He just hates him.  As we talk about movies, and anything in the entertainment industry really, when the subject was brough around to a certain person someone did not like, but was normally popular, we would pull the “He’s my Ray Liotta.” pretty much stopping the debate as to why someone either does not like the person, or why the SHOULD like the person.

The goal here is for everyone to name at least 1 “Ray Liotta” celebrity.  Again, there does not have to be any valid reason you hate this person (and for the game to really work, there should not be a reason.)  Oh yeah, you can have more than one.

I will start:
Quinton Terrentino is (one of) my “Ray Liottas.”  I like a lot of his movies, just not him – no really valid reason…
Will Ferrell is one of my “Ray Liottas.”

So, what are some of your “Ray Liottas?”

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