This Is Too Cool!

Ok, just got contacted by a friend of mine who wants me to create a necklace and 2 bracelets of chainmail for her group to use in rituals.  She wants the materials to be gold, silver and steel.  I am trying to push her to copper instead of the steel as it is a natural element, like the gold and silver.  Waiting on an answer.  The other thing is that the material cost alone is almost $2000 (due to the gold).  I gave her an alternative of a 14k gold tube filled with hardened brass (takes more than $1200 off the price) instead of the 10k solid gold.  No matter what, this is going to be a great project.

I know there are some of you asking yourselves what I will be charging – $0.  It will be a gift to a friend.  You all know me well enough to know I just like helping out my friends when I can, whether it be giving away hundreds of hours of photography work or hours of work on chainmail.  Sure, I could probably get a few hundred dollars out of this, but then the items would lose their purity.  This type of gift has to be a gift of the heart with no expectation of a return.  People forget that about gifts – they are free to the receiver, no matter the circumstances.

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