Gearing up for Faire

The faire season is fast approaching.  So much to do, so little time to do it.  I have my rig to inventory and get set up and  cleaned, tent to check, garb to get cleaned and hung and found.  I have to get a new belt config, since I will actually be carrying both cameras instead of switching lenses.  I want a flash battery pack for fast recharge and strobing…  I have to get business cards printed up with pertinent information regarding the faire and the photo site for the faire.  Speaking of the site, yeah, I have to rework it for the new season and archive the old photos.  That is mostly done….

On top of all that, I need to make a run out to the grounds to get all the paperwork set and badge and all the other stuff that goes along with it.  I also have to come up with a copyright document that will work with the faire and myself.  All I want is to maintain ownership of the copyright while allowing the faire to have full use rights.  The legal crap always bugs me.  Oh well…  Still cant wait for the season to start. – My Photography – RenFaire Photography

In the words of Missy; “Yay faire!”

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