Death warmed over!

Overall, a good weekend.  Friday was killer, for two reasons.  It was a good night, but I was BLASTED and didnt get home till almost 7am Saturday.   Hung out with a couple friends, met new ones.  Saturday came and I found myself getting 4 new tires (in order to avoid a blow-out) which really put a cramp on my fun for this month, considering my search for a roommate has been tough, and I have no one to help with the May bills and such – ouch…  Saturday night was me on the couch watching bad movies and playing a little WoW (which I have not done in excess for a long time)

Sunday came and I was at the KYHRF grounds by 10am.  I love being up there, and it was so cool seeing people there.  Some I havent seen in months.  It was nice, the day was cool, rain held off while we were there.  Cast had it’s rehersal, new gates were being erected (cool as hell, BTW) vendors working on booths (some new additions and reengineerings are gonna make for some very COOL booths once everyone gets up over the next few weeks.  From there, I went up to Brendan’s (suprise) and got to hear Liam’s Fancy play.  Ed, Linda, Mark, Ludmilla, Bob and Rene all showed up as well.  Was a great time.  Went home around 9, watched Clerks II and went to bed.

Doesnt mean I slept all night…

Side notes, I have some more chainmail stuff finished – with the help of a friend of mine who is a real jewler.  He soldered some earrings for me so they would hold up under use, and he fixed a ring of mine that got bent square…  I have photos up on for the chain mail.  The newest ones are the earrings with the aqua Swarovski crystals.

I am planing on getting photos from the KYHRF up later tonight.  I also have to get some of the Conglom photos up as well.

Also, for those who know, I have updated a number of my websites. is still my main website.  It houses what I normally shoot as well as special projects and such. is where all the Renfaire photography I do is displayed.  This grows as the season progresses. is a catch-all for photography and/or images that is for fun.  Cons, chainmail, funny stuff from the net and more.

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