As the days go by…

… and the last free weekend until late July goes past, I am forced to reflect on the last few months and just how quickly I have run out of time.

This past weekend was a great one, rain not withstanding.  Relaxed on Friday, even went to bed early for a change.  Saturday came early, as I got up and got packed and ready to spend the day and night on the boat.  Had some friends come along; Melissa, Christiane and Chris.  We got up and out on the water around noon or so.  It was chilly, but the sun was out most of the day.  We were under sail 95% of the time, not including the time to get in and out of the marina.  Oh, the boat is on Lake Monroe, just south of Bloomington, Indiana.  It was a blast, everyone had fun and came back with more color than they went up with.  I will have to say, getting out on Sunday in the rain was not fun…  Was cold and I think my fingers are still frosted up.  Got home a little before 3 on Sunday.  I took a nap, waking up long enough to eat something, call my mom (mother’s day, ya know), get a shower and then watch a little tv before hitting the sack.  Good weekend, overall, spent with good friends. – some shots from the day.

The weekends preceding this one have not been without merit.  Last weekend, spent with a bunch of friends, weekend before was spent with more friends. and so on and so on. 

Starting this coming weekend, the KYHRF becomes my weekend life.  Saturday will be the business meeting of faire, with a photo shoot of the cast for their CD cover.  Sunday, Indianapolis for family birthdays.  Weekend after that (Memorial Day Weekend) will be spent at the faire site both setting up camp and getting shots during Media Days.  That Monday will be spent processing photos.  Weekend after that, and for the 8 weeks following, will be the Faire!  I am excited about it.  Will be working and camping there for the whole weekend, every weekend.

I have or 3 weekends after KYHRF free before I am in Indy for GenCon Indy ’08.  “Best 4 days in gaming!”  Then 2 weeks off again before the OhioRF starts up for another 8 weekends.  Thank the gods I have a place to crash out up there.  Hell, I already have my season pass for that faire.  That one is my play faire, where I dont have to work.  Well, not like I consider KYHRF work, but I do have job-like responsibilities there.

So, that is my summer and fall.  Pretty damn busy, but I cant wait.  I do have another boat trip scheduled for one or two of those weekends free in July and August.  Gonna have to see how much we can squeeze in during the off times.

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