Imagine driving down the expressway in the 2nd from the left lane, 2 lanes on your right.  Average speed about 70 to 75 mph.  Traffic is keeping up and going well.  Look in the mirror for a moment, notice the cars behind you.  Look back out the windshield and wait, that car is not moving.  Wait, it is 10 feet away.  Wait, I am going 75 mph and they aren’t moving.  Wait, there is no one in front of them.  Wait, I’m going to hit them, hard.

In less than three tenths of a second, the brain sent the signal (in the midst of the thoughts running through trying to logically explain what was happening) to my hands and feet to slam the breaks and swerve to the right (not the left, the lane was full of cars).  In three tenths of a second, my car molded itself around the stationary one, but never touched it.  In three tenths of a second, it was over.  In three tenths of a second I asked more questions than a two year old wanting the explanation of the universe while my body reacted on its own.

If the idiots stopped in the middle lane of traffic had been looking in the mirror, I am sure the thoughts were of not having said goodbye to anyone that morning.  I am sure they saw the full aftermath of 2500 pounds of metal moving at 75 mph and for once in the pitiful lives, they could calculate the physics of what was going to happen to them.  I hope they cried.  I hope they don’t breed.

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