Hmm, the end of faire has come.

You know, last year (my first year) of the fair seemed to end on a much grander scale.  This year, people were rushed out the gate, no one really hung around, no signed posters (that I know of).  Other than a nice little water fight (which came close to drenching my camera) I hardly saw anyone or could say bye to anyone.  Of course, the impending storm that was lurking off to the NW didn’t help, or the near sandstorm as we tried to rush the rain.

Picked up Ev, headed to Cracker Barrel where we met up with what seemed like 1/2 the faire.  Damn near everyone seemed to be there or make a short appearence.  Good times were had there, good times indeed.  There was a storm that did pass over as we ate, but by the time we left, it has blown over and left us with an awesome lightening storm with spiderwebs of lightening all over the place.  Got Ev to her car after and finally got to bed.

The season was relatively drama free – besides a castle of hay, a belly-dancer being wrongly accused and the apparent dismissal of a much loved employee of the fair.  No, not getting into any more than that, no need to.  Other than a frustrating last weekend, it was a good time.  I will see many of the people again at Celtic Fest and many more at ORF.

I ended up sleeping all the way to about noon before getting up and heading to site to a) have lunch with Lance and Regan and a couple others, b) pack up the tent and other gear (relatively unhurt by the storm – still dry inside.) and c) help move a OBGYN table for someone – don’t ask…

What is weird, and what may have made it a bit more melancholy is that this may be my last season there…  No, not for any bad reasons, but I may be moving next spring to do real photographic work in northern Minnesota.  This effects a lot of my plans and a few more things.  This all comes together as a move, or not, in August.  I have a meeting scheduled for it and if it goes well, I move.  If not, I stay for a little while longer.

We’ll see.

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