Interesting facts…

Here are some interesting, though really only to myself, facts about me that maybe not everyone will know or care about with regards to myself.

1. I turned 35 years old this year.  Not that interesting, except this is the first time Age has been an issue in dealing with certain things…  Don’t ask, you won’t get an answer.

2. I have been in many relationships over my years.  Few serious one, but many that lasted a few weeks or a couple months.  Most of the short ones were during high school and college.  It seems that I am somewhat returning to that state for some reason.  Not a bad thing, I guess.  I am certainly not interested in marriage any time soon…  Besides, since I am most likely moving in less than a year, what is the point?

3.  I am somewhat sick of being the “nice guy.”  When I am pissed, those who have pissed me off are going to know.  I hate to sound cliche’ but that is a side of me you just don’t want to see…

4. I am planning on moving – it is just a matter of when.  If I can pull it off and move before October, then I am going to go.  A lot has to fall into place quickly for that to happen…  I am just sick of being stale…

5. I want a new career…  I have been doing the same basic job for the last 12 years.  I am tired of being the scape goat, the “techie,” the stopper for the “buck.”  I want to go somewhere where I can start over in a job or career that is new and exciting and I have control over.  I can’t wait to give notice here…

6. Despite #2, I miss having someone to sleep with (not the sex part – that is easy to replace) at night.  Yeah, I said it.  Companionship is important to me.  Always has been.  There is a comfort to know someone is there to share the tough times and the slow times and the good times no matter what.  Thought I had that up until just over a year ago.  That is what I miss the most.

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