Morning, First Thing!

I am sure everyone has their own morning rituals – some, we just don’t need to hear about, thanks.  Mine (after I get into work, actually) consists of reading a few websites.  Something to put a smile on my face and get me in that somewhat better mood as I prepare to deal with the horde users (read: common-sense deprived) we have here at the office…  These are work safe, for the most part. – otherwise known as LOL Cats – otherwise known as LOL Dogs – well, this one you have to see for yourself – some disturbing images, to say the least (lol) – Um, LOL Politics?  Still funny…  Newly recaptioned images. – LOL Graphs and charts.  Pretty funny, worth looking at. – Yeah, YOU FAIL!  These are damn funny. – yep, just keep refreshing this one.

They are in somewhat an order – the order I view them in.  They are just a set of sites that never fails to put a smile on my face in the morning…  And I hate mornings.

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