Hmmm… Couple things

Most of my time lately has been dedicated to KYRF, photos, sailing and work of late.  Also, there is the need to stay busy and keep my mind off of my decision if and when I move.  I am sure you’ve all heard enough about that – besides, I wont know for sure until next Thursday.

1. Sailing – I am hoping to be able to get up to the boat this weekend with some friends: Chris, Christiane, Melissa, Allie, Jerome.  This depends on who responds and if I have the new batteries for the boat.  They are about 125# each, and I need 2 of them.  It will require assistance of someone with a good back to assist.  Since this weekend is the Pirates of Paynetown festival, it would be neat to show up in my own sailboat.  Oh, for anyone who is interested in knowing, it is a Catalina 320.

2. WoW – one of my guilty pleasures in gaming.  I have been playing on one of the servers since it opened over 3 years ago.  I have gone from speed leveling a warlock from 1 to 60 in the span of 13 days so he could do some hardcore raiding and being one of the best geared and best DPS locks on the server.  Once BC came out, I powered him to 70 in about two weeks to start in on learning the new dungeons and raids.  However, my May 2007 (just a few months after BC) I was out of time to dedicate to continuing the pursuit of gear and raiding.  I just got too busy.  Short list of achievements: Raided up to Hyjal and Black Temple, T4/5 equiv gear, ShatterdSun and Sha’tari Exhalted, Epic Flying Mount, 900 DPS average (not close to others raiding content in T5/6) self-buffed.  I am waiting now, just running dailies to build some gold to finance the jump to 80 and building of a Deathknight once WotLK comes out.

3. UT3 – my next obsession.  Can they really improve on Unreal Tournament?  UT2004 was nice, with some new weapons and vehicles, but it lacked the fast-paced, uberness of the original UT.  hmmm, nope, cant wait.  Will get it as soon as I can.  Hmm, to get back online and rip people up again, getting head-shot after head-shot while on the run.  Ramp gamespeed up to 125-150% and go!

4. GenCon – yes, for the 4th year in a row I will be heading to GenCon.  This one will be special.  All the guys will be going, save 1.  We are all in the True Dungeon together to live or die as we always play.  Yay!  GenCon is also where I find out my final information before I make the decision hinted at above.  But still, beyond that, GenCon is a 4-day span I love to attend.  It is a time to “let the geek-flag fly” and know that, among all the geeks and nerds, I have actually picked up women in bars AND taken them home…  Hehe.  We will be kings among the geeks…  But seriously, besides the rampant and out of control BO that is to be expected from a good number of the attendees, it will be an awesome time.

5. Exercise – I have hit my plateu.  Damnit.  I had a personal goal of reaching the weight I was when I played football.  I damn near got there in a year.  75 pounds and 4 inches in a year.  I am within 10 pounds of my goal, but I havent lost a thing in 3 months.  In fact, I have noticed that weight is starting to come back on.  I have been working out at least 3 times a week since December.  I have noticed more definition in my legs, arms, back and shoulders, and even some in my stormach.  Believe it or not, while there is still lingering cushiness, the muscle is coming back.  Not really bitching, just wishing I could have gotten that last 10 pounds to say I met my goal, even though where I am headed is better.  I still cant run (knees) but I still make between 5 and 8 miles each time.

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