Gearing up!

Yep, another 8 weeks of fair coming up.  Well, 7 weeks of ORF, 1 overnight at Loveland Castle and 1 weekend at Celtic Fest.  After the first weekend, I will have a carpooler with me, so that will help.  I may be able to get work to pay for the first weekend, considering I may have to head to Cincinnati for work this week.  I will try and push that to Friday!

Yes, I am looking forward to it.  A whole nother time for fun, drinking and fun and drinking.  Yeah, we drink a lot during the fair.  This weekend, however, is spent boringly working on getting my garb and other gear ready for fair.  It also includes catching up on laundry and such, since my weekends will be shot, pretty much for 2 months.

This is my time to play.  It will be a rare occasion for me to bring a camera – not this time.  I just want to be a patron, and will be there with season pass in hand from opening gates opening weekend to closing gates closing weekend.  For those who are going, see ya there.  For those who aren’t, see ya when next we meet.

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