A Funny Thing Happened At ORF!

And yes, this is one I am particularly proud of…

There is a games booth that used to have tomatoes to throw at a guy behind a wall.  Well, this year, they took out the tomatoes and replaced them with water and ketchup-soaked sponges.  A damn mess for everyone involved.  Mostly, however for the thrower and whoever is near them.  Of course, these are the same ones who love to make fun of guys in kilts.  They yelled at me about it when I walked by twice this past Sunday.  On my second pass, however,  the guy who should have been behind the wall at the “tomato booth” was standing in front of it.  They started yelling at me (I was in a kilt, white shirt) to try – making fun of the “skirt-wearing guy”.  I walked up, pointed at the rinse off hose (which had a nozzle on it) and asked if the water was free.  The barker said yes (and with a number of patrons around) I picked it up, and soaked the ass on the wall…  they both just stood there, shocked and dumbfounded, while everyone else laughed their asses off.  Neither one of them commented on “Scotsmen” the rest of the day.

Just wanted to share a story from a great weekend at fair.

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