Raiding and You!

Back when World of Warcraft came out, I resisted signing up for the simple fact I knew it would become an addiction. I resisted fairly well, too. However, as more and more of my friends (at the time) were talking about it and playing, I took up the mantle and installed it and started playing. I started up with 4 characters on the Scarlet Crusade RP server: Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, Paladin. They were all name-holders at first, as I learned how to play. The Rogue was my first to 60, followed by my Warlock. The hunter only just made it to 70 and the paladin became a bank alt and never made it past 21.

Since the server was overflowing with rogues when I hit 60, I refocused on my Warlock and within 2 weeks, he was 60 and raiding into "gasp" UBRS and then on to MC.  After a few patches, I took my warlock raiding into BWL, AQ20 and AQ40.  Another patch took me into Naxx-40.  Within a couple months, my Warlock was fully geared with Best in Slot items and was just enjoying making gold and raiding.  During this time, I went through a number of guilds based on what they could offer me in terms of raiding.  The last guild I joined (almost 9 months prior to the release of the first expansion pack, Burning Crusade) is the one I am currently in now; Legio Fidelis.

During the rise of my warlock, I added more characters which are more or less bank alts at this time.  I have a full 10 on this server.  1 I played and plan on playing, 9 are bank alts and 1 is on the opposite faction.  My rogue has not progressed any further.

Enter the first expansion: The Burning Crusade and the new realm of the Outlands.  I bring a fully geared warlock into the Outlands to grind out 10 more levels to the max at 70.  Within 4 levels, I have replaced 90% of the old Best in Slot epic items to green "uncommon" (lowest level of magic item) items.  That hurt, as I watched months of work get sold for a fraction of what it was worth. **sigh**  However, within a month of BC my warlock hit 70.  This time, however, I was not raiding right away, and in fact didnt even see the latest content for BC.  Just seemed not to have the time.  This was also when I went through a divorce and got started into faire, so yeah.  Very little time.

Fast forward to last September, when the final drafts for Wrath of the Lich King are getting released.  A new class is announced officially.  The Deathknight.  A special hero class which starts at 55 instead of 1.  The mounted soldier class of Arthas, the Lich King.  The perfect class to switch my Paladin to, since I wasnt using him for anything but holding a name.  Mereck the Paladin, fighter for the light, became Mereck the Deathknight, anti-paladin, harbringer of death and decay.  An interesting note, Mereck, the Paladin, was a character I was playing in D&D who had gone through a transformation to an anti-paladin in Ravenloft.  Seemed poetic.

In less than 2 weeks I leveled my Deathknight from 55 to 80 and started grinding out heroic dungeons and raiding in 10-man raids (Naxxramus, Obsidian Sanctum, VoA, Eye of Eternity) and have since left the 10-man raids behind for the 25-man heroic versions.  I dont have all Best in Slot yet, but what isnt, is "next" best in slot.  I have been enjoying the hell out of the new class.  It has become my new main, pushing my warlock to the back burner as an alt, and that was my favorite class for 4 years.

Currently, here is what I have and am playing:
Mereck – 80 – Deathknight – Blood Spec DPS
Rylar – 77 – Warlock – Demonology Meta Spec
Deckyon – 70 – Hunter – Beast Mastery Spec

These are all on my primary server, Scarlet Crusade.  Look me up and we can run some groups.

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