Why is it so hard to get AT&T to do the right thing?

Our company just ported all the Verizon blackberries to AT&T – much to the Verizon user’s distaste (including my own.) I left AT&T because I could not stand their customer “support.” It was pulling teeth trying to get anything corrected. Especially if it was their fault.

This week, our phones arrived – Curve 8320s. Activated Monday morning, Wednesday morning, mine (and 4 others) had the nice white screen with the 507 error. Sent mine to our BB support group after trying all the different methods of restoring the phone. They could not do it either.

On the phone with our corporate authorized orderer to get a replacement. Oh, they cant do a warrantee replacement because the phone is not 30 days old. WTF? It isn’t like I am walking into a damn store, I work for a large, multinational company. They said we had to order a new one, and send the old one back. OK, that’s fine. They said it would be in the office on the next day by 10am. Guess what, it wasn’t here. Also, it isn’t here today either. Called in to check the order – NO ORDER WAS RECEIVED! For ANY OF THEM!

Coverage in my area SUCKS (no problem with Verizon). Phones they sent, almost 50% broke within a freaking day of activation (no problem with the Verizon phones we ordered on a regular basis). Customer Service doesn’t service the Customer (Verizon was able to fix all issues in one call).

Why did the company switch to AT&T? Because they will save us $0.03 per month on the 100 phones we have in this office.

My personal downtime with the issues with porting over and now without a phone – costs in 5 days, roughly $3500 due to missed off-hour support calls.

And guess what – this is our NORMAL dealings with AT&T. We used to have a choice between Verizon and AT&T… AT&T was always a struggle getting someone serviced through their customer “support” for broken items or plan changes.

And people wonder why everyone in our company flooded our managers when this change was put in. for 3 cents a month difference.

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