iPad Fun

Well, I have had my iPad for two weeks now and have now gotten to the point that it will go EVERYWHERE with me from now on. It is utterly amazing and I cannot imagine how I ever tried to use only a Blackberry for mobile computing. I wish I had it while in Scotland. Man, with all the tools available on this, keeping my blog updated would have been so much faster and easier.

One of the best features is the 3G. The price is economical enough to use on a regular basis and with the ability to turn it off and have no contract, it was an easy sell. I have been using a combo of wifi and 3G and have yet to hit eve 20% of my allotted bandwidth for the month.

I got the 64 gigabyte version and do not regret it. I have 30gb free with all the music and apps and a huge amount of PDF’s in Goodreader. Not having to worry about space makes using the iPad a no brainer. Also, being instant on it find myself pulling it out more than my laptop.

And the battery… It just keeps on going and going. So far, if have gotten a full 10 hours with either 3G or wifi and surfing and a full movie. There was still a bit of time left on the battery. The key is the screen brightness. Only outside in the sun do you need the brightness all the way up.

However, all that being said, I do miss Flash. Not as much as I thought I would, but enough to notice.

For someone looking for a good mobile device, this thing eats circles around net-books. The speed, battery life, connectivity flexibility and ease of use make it damn near a perfect device. iOS 4 will make it complete.

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