A Quick Review

OK, even though this is not the end of the year for me (only October 21) I felt like I needed to sum up what has been going on so far.  There was a lot packed into this year.

1. Tuscon Arizona: I went to Tuscon Arizona with my dad to see my great uncle.  We got to go wine tasting, visit ruined missions, visit the Pima Air Museum and Aircraft graveyard (check Google maps for this one, it is awesome.)  Also, we went to Kitt Peak Observatory just outside of Tuscon.  This was a fun, 5-day trip that started the year off.

2. Kentucky Renfair: 6-weeks spent in the humid heat of the Ohio Valley.  It was a great time and the fair seems to have gotten its groove.  I worked with Tom Bonfield at Legacy Forge.  Great guy, great vendor, great experience and fun.  All of the fair seems to have relaxed and had fun this summer.  Which is good, as I think this past summer was the make/break for the fair and considering we had the largest turnout so far, we made it.  Hell, we ran out of parking on the 4th of July weekend!

3. 1st Bi-Annual “Do Nothing” party after fair.  It was just that – we did nothing.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  We watched crappy movies and ate burgers and dogs when hungry and did nothing else from Friday night through Sunday night.  The 2nd event is this coming weekend – celebrating the end of the Ohio fair.

4. GenCon Indy 2010: As always, the best 4 days in gaming.  We stayed at the Westin, aka Anime-Alley, and had a blast.  It was nice not having to walk 4 blocks from the convention to the hotel even though the hotel room was a bit smaller.  It was the same 5 of us who have been doing this the last few years: Chris, Josh (who is finally 21), Tim, Mike and myself.  This year, same hotel, same room, but the price was lowered so we are going up a night early.  Can’t wait already.

5. Scotland 2010: Well, this was a trip 9 years in the making, 3 years in the planning.  Dad and I took a 16 day trip to Scotland and 2 days in Amsterdam.  More can be seen, including photos, at http://deckyon.wordpress.com There is too much.

6. Ohio Renfair: Yep, ORF 2010 was a great time as usual.  Worked at Legacy Forge, who has to have the best crew of any vendor, and the best 2 bosses (Paul, the owner and Tom, his second and the guy I worked with in KY)  This crew is like a 2nd family.  We had one of the best seasons in years, apparently, as did the fair itself.  One difference for me this year is that I worked only on Sundays, and played on Saturdays.  This worked really well.

7. Cabin Weekends: We do 3 a year now – same crew as GenCon +3 or 4.  We will do one January/February and one in April/May and the last in November.  The one coming up is in about 3 weeks and can’t wait.  We get around a table, play games, get drunk, have drunk-sing and just enjoy having no real responsibility for a weekend.  This past January was the 10-year anniversary of Cabin Weekend.

There have been other things going on this year, and I am sure some more will come up – including an overnight at Loveland Castle in Ohio – but I wanted to make sure I got a recap in while it was at the top of my head.

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