New Tattoo, after 17 years.

Yes, that is correct.  After 17 years I finally found an image to put on my skin.  I am a firm believer that, if something is going to last forever, it had better a) mean something and b) get done perfectly, even if there is a little extra cost.

When in Scotland, I got to see a number of old Pictish stones and carvings.  On one was a (as best as the learned can guess) symbol representing Life and Death.  2 Suns, apparently representing the day and night (night sun shining on the underworld when it wasn’t daylight) and the serpent/spear that cuts through the link between.  Personally, it is something that reminds me of my trip and is something I will always have.

It is actually the first of a set I will have done.  The second will go right above it, nearly framing it.  The second one is not yet done even in the planning stage.  Lots more work has to happen first.  Anyway, here are some photos of the tattoo.  It is on my left shoulder.


Full Arm

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