New Game Idea – Zombie RPG

Yes, there are already games that exist that cover this idea, but I am putting a simpler, more fun twist.  Imagine, you and some friends sitting around a table, playing cards or some other game.  The TV is on in the background and the news interrupts the broadcast.  A riot is happening downtown and moving out towards where you are.  People are dying by the 10’s to 100’s.    Expressways are being either shut down completely or closely monitored with every vehicle and person inspected.

Being knowledgeable in the world, you know, just from seeing the images on the TV that it isn’t a riot, but a mob of zombies killing and eating its way through town.  From the maps shown on the TV you judge you have about 15 mins before the mob would be in your area.

What do you do?

The difference in this game as opposed to other RPGs is that you are playing you as you are when you sat down at the table.  What you have in your possession or in your car is all you have to work with for weapons.  Also, no magic abilities or super-human powers.  1 bite is death and turning within 12 hours.  Use your knowledge of the area to survive as long as possible.  Staying in one place for too long is dangerous, moving from one place to another is dangerous.  What about those with families, kids?  What if you didn’t drive?

The rules are simple, taking no more than about 6 pages of explanation.  Stats for the players and zombies and turned players are simple.  It is easy to pick up and versatile enough to adapt to different areas.

I wrote this for some fun nights and weekends when there was nothing better to do.  Also, as it gets fleshed out, it will be ready to run for Gen Con this year.  Imagine – 8 geeks at a table being told that they are now in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse in the middle of Indianapolis, IN.  Suddenly, they are not the smelliest things in town.

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