iPad in My Workplace 2

Well, this is the second post concerning using my iPad during my workday to do actual work. In this post, however, instead of focusing on Apps, I will focus on a new piece of hardware I just picked up.

ZAGGmate iPad Case w/ Keyboard

My initial first impressions are good. As it is not a full sized keyboard, it is taking some getting used to, but I know it will be easy enough in the long run. It makes the iPad look and feel like a netbook computer.

This is going to be a simple article with just some Pros/Cons and initial experiences.

1. Arrow Keys – a must for typing.
2. Well made. It does not feel like it is going to come apart quickly.
3. Lots of extra functions.
4. Easily rechargeable. I can even use my phone charger in a pinch. Will have to check battery life as time goes on.
5. Doesn’t take up any extra bag space.

1. Smaller than normal keys. I have larger fingers, which is causing more errors, but with the arrow keys, less of an issue.
2. I don’t leave my BT radio on all the time, so it requires a pen to press the pairing button.
3. Aluminum case lip doesn’t make a good palm rest. I guess it cannot be helped.

I have not had a chance to use it a lot, but I know it will be useful and get a lot of use as time passes. I like it so far, and have a feeling it will not be very far away from my iPad. And by the way, this entire article was written using the Wordpad app with the ZAGGmate keyboard.

I have now been able to convert enough of my workflow from my laptop to my iPad that the laptop stays docked 90% of the time.

ZAGGmate Keyboard


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