How to Not Pay for iOS Apps, Leagally

OK, so the title can be a bit misleading.  This is not a “here is how to get illegal free apps for your iPad or iPod” post, but a “here is how to get legitimate apps for free, or at least very little.”  There are two things that are required: AppShopper and Patience.

The first requirement is downloading the free app called AppShopper.  It isn’t a large one, and it will require some configuration to get working 100%.  AppShopper will have you create an account so it can store your settings and maintain a Wish List.  The Wish List is what we want the most from AppShopper.

The second requirement, Patience, is harder to come by.  Once you add the apps you wish to purchase into the Wish List in AppShopper, you just have to wait for the price change.  Sometimes it is quick, sometimes not.

Beyond the Wish List there are 2 other lists to be familiar with: Popular and What’s New.  These you will want to use a custom sort in order to find the best deals.  On the left column, select Popular or What’s New, then under Price select Free then under Type select Price Changes.  If you wish to narrow it down by Category, go for it, but I generally just view All Categories.

Using this method, I have gotten over 100 apps for free or next to nothing by using the Wish List and watching the Popular and What’s New lists.

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