Facebook. Wait, what?

Ah, Facebook.  The number one social networking site in the world.  This behemoth was built by some geeky kid who is now “fuck you” rich.  No, I am not bitter, I promise.  For many in the world, Facebook (from now on referred to as FB) has been a place to connect and reconnect with new and old friends.  I have even gotten a hold of some old friends I thought lost to time and distance.  It has been the portal to success to musicians, comedians and other entertainers.  It is a place to get information and sign up for “Free iPads” by “only following this link!”  FB has killed all other social networking sites, or at least put them on life support.  Whatever it is, it is something a little different to everyone.

Thus begins my own little opinion of the social networking giant.  FB is a place for people to put up anything they want about anything they want.  This includes a running status of everyday crap from when one got up to what color their first pee was.  Personally, I use FB to fuck with people.  I have fun.  I will put up nonsense as a status just to see what people will do.  Hell, for a whole week not long ago, I put up every status in Morse Code.  Some people got it, some were like “wait, what?”  It was too damn funny.  The other side is when I feel like fleshing out the drama queens.  Try it some time.  Put a generic “Hey, you know who you are, FUCK YOU!” and see who responds with “Wait, what did I do?”  I doubt you would be surprized at who responds like that.  I sure wasn’t.  In fact, when I put that up, I had 3 people actually call me on the phone to ask what was wrong.  Really?

So yeah, FB is a great tool to weed out some tools.  The other thing that gets me is how people will react to some simple jibes.  This one tool who knows I like to joke and make weird comments took offense to a “grab a beer and get over it” comment I made to his “woe is me and FML” status.  Yeah, we are no longer connected.  I don’t need people who are going to go off the hook and send me a 3 page, let me repeat that, 3 page “fuck you” message.  Dude, you just are not that critical in my life for me to give a shit about you, your status, or your response to a silly comment.

Well, breaking off here because there really isn’t that much more to say about the FB phenomenon.

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