Windows User’s Adventure with a MacBook Pro.

Yep, something I never thought I would end up owning; Apple MacBook Pro.  I have been on Windows my whole career, and a few years before that.  Well, since at least 1994.  I have had about a total of 1 or 2 hours of experience on an Apple computer that whole time.  So, how does someone who at one time swore they would not own an Apple computer come to have a top of the line MacBook Pro?  Funny story, that.

A couple weeks ago the fan in my current, 4 year old laptop started going out, then went out completely.  This meant I got about an hour’s worth of play time on it at a time with an hour or two between for cooling.  I even tried the cooling mats.  Nothing helped.  I really didn’t want to put any money into the laptop since it really needed replacing anyway.  To be honest, this is the first issue I have ever had with the machine – and that is without running virus software for more than a year.  It really did work great until that point.

So, instead of paying to have it fixed, I decided to go ahead and get a new laptop.  I went and priced some good high-end Windows PCs from vendors I was comfortable with, and the one I was all set to buy was going to cost me $4600.  Ok, if it will last me another 4 years and fill all the tasks I need it to do, fine.  It would be worth the money.  Then, as I was getting ready to buy the laptop, someone told me to “hey, for shits and giggles, go check out the latest MacBook Pros.”

Before I go there, let me tell you what I wanted from this new PC, no matter where it came from.
1. Quickly render videos shot from my video camera.  I use Sony Vegas.
2. Allow me to process my photos easily and quickly.  I have Adobe CS3.
3. Allow me to maintain and use my full iTunes media library to keep my iPad and iPods full of great stuff.
4. Play (yes, geek here) World of Warcraft.  Hey, I pay monthly to have my life and free time sucked away, I need something that will at least make it enjoyable.
5. It has to be reliable with no issues for at least 4 years.
6. It has to be a laptop.  I will not be tied to a desk.
7. I decided on a 17 inch screen.  I want more real estate to work with.

So, I went and looked up a 17″ MacBook Pro.  Wait, fully decked out with the same video card/vram, CPU, RAM as the $4600 Windows machine comes to $3400?  Wait, I can dual boot to Windows 7 and run the software I already own without swapping or purchasing new licenses?  Wait, it is $1200 LESS than the Windows machine?  Yep – and it fills all the requirements above.  So, instead of hitting “Buy” on the Windows machine, I hit “Buy” on the Apple machine.  I have never used an Apple machine before – should make for some fun discovery.

So, it was ordered on a Wednesday, along with Office:mac 2011 Pro, Car/Airline power adapter and a 2nd regular power adapter for the house (so I can keep on in the bag at all times.)  The two power adapters showed up before Saturday the same week.  And it REALLY made the whole week a very long one as I was waiting for the new system to arrive.  The shipping gods shown down on me, because it was delivered on the Monday after I ordered it, a total of 5 days.  Not bad, considering it had to be build and shipped from China.

So, lets look at the Apple products this Windows guy has owned over the years.
iPod Photo (Gen1), iPod Nano (Gen1), iPod Touch (Gen1), iPod Nano (Gen5), Apple TV 2, iPad (Gen1), MacBook Pro 2011.  Seven (7) Apple products spanning over 8 years.  As far as the iPods go, they just worked.  I have them all still except for the iPod Photo (which I gave to a friend when the battery died) and the iPod Nano (Gen1) which is going to another friend of mine.

Well, this is it for this quick rundown of why a Windows user would look at and buy an Apple computer.  I never thought I would and I always thought they were too expensive.  However, this time, everything worked out.  So far, I love the MacBook Pro and other than iTunes issues (not the Mac’s fault) it has been a breeze to use and learn.  I even have the Windows 7 Partition set up and working and some software already installed on it.  More to come later on the trial and tribulations of iTunes and the workings and workflow of the new computer.

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