A Month with a Mac

It has been a little more than a month since I received my Apple MacBook Pro 17″.  I had issues with iTunes and my media and a very close call to almost losing all my media when the drive took a tumble and was unreadable.  I have not had any other issues, however.  The iTunes issues have sorted themselves out.  Yay!

I bought the MBP to replace my HP laptop.  It was $1,200 less than the Alienware laptop I was looking at and, via Apple’s Bootcamp feature, would run Windows 7 natively without being in a virtual environment.  This was the final selling point.  With Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit installed, I could use my Adobe CS3 and Sony Vegas software without fighting over licensing.  I could also continue to rip my DVD collection for use with iTunes and my iPad and Apple TV2.

I have been working through the switch with some frustration.  For instance, there are no Home, End, Page Up or Page Down, Insert or Delete keys.  Well, there is a Delete key, but it works as Backspace did on my Windows laptop.  Yes, there are shortcut combinations that do the functions of the missing keys, but man, no one told me.  There are also differences in the way the windows behave as well as completely different context menus.

I am loving the trackpad with the multi-finger gestures and such.  The same gestures work with the Magic Mouse as well, which I have gone ahead and picked up.  I am also pleased to announce I have spent 80% of my time on the MBP in OSX rather than Windows 7.  With a few pieces of software I picked up, I am able to work, on a high-level, with my photos without having to resort to booting into Win7 for Photoshop.  I am using Aperture instead.  I can fix most things, but the detail work will still be taken into Photoshop.

I have also been working with iMovie and iDVD to create finished products and get familiar with them.  Yes, I have all the Sony Creative software on the Win7 side, but I wanted to see how well these OSX tools could be.  I did a DVD of the Scotland and Amsterdam trip from last year and divided the Scotland photos into chapters based on songs.  The iDVD recognized the chapters imbedded in the video and set up the DVD pretty much automatically.

I am going to like the MBP and the more I use it, the more I find new things about it that are just too cool.  Some of the things I will be doing in the near future as finances allow are to get the AirPort Extreme and a 2nd 1 TB drive for backing up the MBP wirelessly when I am at home.  Especially since the drive will be plugged directly into the APX.  I am also going to get a 2nd Apple TV for the main TV so I can stream music into my stereo without having to plug in my laptop or iPod/iPad.  Plans and plans and plans.

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