3 Months In. Thoughts on OSX and my MBP

3 Months ago to the day +1 I ordered my MBP. First Apple computer with OSX I have ever worked with. I have had iPods since the iPod Photo, I have an iPad, AppleTV 2 and iPod Touch and Nano. But no Apple computer.
I now have the MBP with OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7 bootcamped. It has been running flawlessly since the day I turned it on. And the Windows 7 partition has also been flawless. I have CS3, Sony Vegas, DVDFab Pro, Rift and a few other applications I can’t swap licenses for on Windows and it gets used a few times a week. Swapping from OSX to Win7 is cake.

It took me a bit to recover from an iTunes library fiasco (too much to get in here right now) but it is now running flawlessly as well and my iPad can’t be happier. Time Machine is keeping me backed up and I have done restores just to test it and see how it worked. Again, so far, flawless.

So, the one thing I miss most is the Home, End, PgUp, PgDown, Insert, Delete keys from Windows. I have since taught myself the shortcuts, but I still miss them. Everything else has been a breeze and quite fun, actually. I love new operating systems and messing around with them quite a bit. I have been able, with patience and practice, to pick up a new workflow for normal computing and have started looking at other applications on the OSX side to start replacing as much of the Windows 7 applications as I can.

1. Am I happy I switched? Yes.
2. Will I buy another Windows machine? Possibly, depending on function.
3. Will I buy another Apple machine? Yes.
4. Will I recommend OSX over Windows? That really depends on the person I am talking to.
5. Do I like my MBP? Yes.
6. Do I regret the decision to switch? Nope.
7. What was the final selling point? Bootcamp. The ability to use the existing software I had was key. It is one of the things that kept me from switching years ago – I didn’t want to have to repurchase all the expensive software.
8. Did I repurchase any software? Yes. Microsoft Office:mac 2011 with Outlook.

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