Gen Con Indy 2011

OK, in a word; Awesome!

Since 2004 I have been venturing up to Indianapolis for the annual gaming convention known as Gen Con.  Started way back in the 70’s, this is the oldest and largest gaming convention in the US.  Some would argue there are larger ones, but those are not gaming cons.  That doesn’t matter for this post, it is just to know that over 40k people come up with 4-day passes and take over downtown Indy.

For the last 6 years, I have been going up and staying on site with a bunch of friends.  We get a huge hotel room where we pass out for the night and drop shit off in during the day.  For the last 2, we have been in the Westin – directly connected to the convention center and central for a good number of events.  Also, this year, we went up on Wednesday, thus giving us what felt like an extra full day at the con.  Very cool and very much in the plans for next year.

We all had a great time.  Drinking, gaming, walking the exhibit hall and just watching the people who came in from all over the world.  As a group, our largest purchase this year were a bunch of reuseable maps for the cabin weekends.  I even got some extras that can be made into some custom maps.  We walked easily through a very fun True Dungeon run on Friday and had some fun in a few other events.

On Saturday, I spent some of the nights walking around and hitting a few extra places after we broke from a night of drinking at the Ram – a local microbrew pub we frequent a lot while at Gen Con.  Ended up in the convention center to near 4am playing “Who’s the Werewolf.”  Fun addictive game played with decently sized groups.

Next year we are planning to do the same as this year; in the Westin for Wednesday through Sunday.  I even have my vacation scheduled for it and am already saving up the money.

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