Fully Apple. Weird.

Yep, as of last Tuesday, I am now fully an Apple user.  First of all, I have always had an iPod of some kind since they came out.  Last September I got an iPad, December I got the Apple TV2 and in April of this year, a brand new MacBook Pro.  For reasons I wont get into, I have picked up the latest iteration of the iPhone; the iPhone 4S with 64 GB storage.

Why the iPhone and not an Android with a bigger screen?  Well, it came down to the number of apps I have from the iPad.  Hundreds of dollars of apps I have spent the year collecting and being patient as they went on sale.  I didn’t want to have to purchase the same app for a different platform that I already owned.

So far, so good.  I have it where it is useable and getting set up.  After 4 years with a Blackberry, it is nice to have a larger screen to view for a phone.  It feels solid – even with the silicon and hard plastic (but thin) case I have on the back.  The apps went on with no issue once I plugged into my computer with iTunes.  I have it backing up to my iCloud account and my email, contacts, calendar and todos are all sync’d through either iCloud or my Microsoft Exchange server.  What is nice is that my MBP, iPad and now iPhone are all sync’d up and running smoothly.  I even have 1Password sharing data between the iPad and iPhone with no issue.

A few noteable enhancements for iOS 5:
1. Siri – downright cool.  I didnt use it much when I first got the phone.  Mostly because I didnt really know what I could or could not do.  Now, I can respond to texts without ever typing on the keyboard.  It does so much and you only have to talk to it as if you were talking to an administrative assistant.
2. iCloud – Yep, using it for backup, notes and other stuff to keep sync’d across multiple devices.  I wish I had more than 5GB so I could back up both my iPad and iPhone, but hey, it’s free.
3. Camera – nope, haven’t found myself using it much, yet.  However, I can see it replacing my smaller pocket camera.  Same megapixal range and with all the connection and the editing apps, the iPhone will definitely top it out.  I just need occasion.

I am not going to go on forever here on this – I will add more later.  Just wanted to throw a few thoughts up.

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