The Infected

Well, I meant to post about this a while back, but oh well, better late than never.

I have been working with some friends lately to film and edit a short web series about zombies.  I know, seems like everyone is doing it, so why is this one so special?  Well, for one thing, I am doing the camera work and editing.  That is special in deed..  Seriously, though, it has been a blast and it has forced me to learn Final Cut Pro X.  I mean, I spent all that money on it and everything…  We have shot 3 episodes so far, with 2 having already been released for the general public.  The 3rd is being released tomorrow, March 6th.

Synopsis: A group of people are on their way to Indiana after the State of Kentucky is locked down by the military. A deadly virus has affected many of the citizens of the commonwealth, and Emergency Managers are struggling to contain it.

Director – Sean McClure
Cinematographer, Editor – Brad Buskey
Make-up Effects – Emily Lovely Jones
Make-up – Rene Kelso

Bret Hopkins, Jason Weihe, Dieter Zimmerman, Whitney Christiansen, Julie Fountain, Tim Roberts, Chas Hinton, Bob Watters, Phil White, Tammy Bailey, Lizz Rupert Pearsall, Joe Meyer, Kevin Spencer and James Foster

iPhone 4S, Sony HDR-SR12, Zoom H1

Final Cut Pro X, iMovie

On Facebook, find us at the following:
On YouTube we are at the following:
On Vimeo, we are at the following:

The Infected

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