As a lot of you know, I play Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs).  The big one is World of Warcraft or WoW.  It is the only one I actually pay the monthly subscription to play.  I have tried others, like Rifts and Lord of the Rings and Guild Wars.  There is just something about WoW that keeps me coming back month after month.  Now, understand, I do not play 24/7.  There are days that go by where I dont even log in, whole weekends in fact.  But, whenever I want a brief escape and some adventuring, I know I can boot the computer up and play for a while.  That is one of the best parts, you can not play for a while, come back, and pick up where you left off.

WoW has been good to me, though.  It has given me some fun and memorable times.  Recently, after getting my 9th character to max level (85 for now) I looked back at what each character has accomplished and when they started.  4 of them have been in existence since the night I logged into WoW for the first time, which is also the same week the server I play on, Scarlet Crusade RPG,  went live.  This means they are 7 years old.  Rylar the Warlock, Deckyon the Hunter, Cyryas the Rogue and McLeod the Priest.  The rest came in at later times during different expansions.  Caillech the Druid came in during the Burning Crusade.  Mereck the Deathknight during Wrath of the Lich King.  Pikal the Shaman, Sherloch the Warrior and Mordenkinan the Mage during the Cataclysm.  I have one more slot on this server and it is reserved for ShadowTWK (The Wonder Kitty) the Monk who will come into existence when the Mists of Pandaria goes live in September.

With the next expansion comes another level bump up from 85 to 90.  That means my existing characters will all have to be leveled 5 levels apiece for a combined total of 40 levels.  My monk, Shadowtwk, will have to be leveled from 1 to 90, making my grand total of levels to gain 130…  I really dont want to think of it…  I only had one main character for all of vanilla and BC and that was Rylar.  Wrath saw Rylar, Mereck, Caillech all hit 80 and even raid…  Cataclysm spoiled me and made me level everything else, including my bank alt toon Mcleod, who stayed at level 20 for 6 years.

Levels 1 through 70 are really cake anymore.  Between heirloom items that level with your character and the reduced XP requirements, one can hit level 70 in just about a week or so, depending on how much time per day you can play.  Mordenkinan was probably my fastest leveled toon that made it to 70 in less than a week, but I had most of the week off.  I am hoping ShadowTWK will be as fast, but with 9 toons to level to 90 first, who knows.  He will probably be leveled when I need a break from the long grinds.

Now, last week a game I have on my iPad, Order and Chaos Online, had a major upgrade that included dropping the subscription fees.  When I bought the game 2 years ago, it included a 30-day pass, which blew by.  It was a lot of fun, and had the potential to be WoW on a tablet.  I played for 30 days but could not bring myself to pay for it monthly when I knew I would not play enough to justify it.  But now, it is free to play.  And it is a lot of fun, and I found myself playing it on the bus on the way into work this morning and in a blink I was having to get off the bus.  30 minutes flew by.  Now, will I play it as much as WoW?  Probably not.  But it will let me get my MMORPG fix in when WoW is not available.

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