WoW Mists of Pandoria Release Day

Yep, another expansion pack has hit the World of Warcraft.  Mists of Pandoria.

It seems that Blizzard wants the younger crowd to get more involved by including pandas in the mix of races.  For the panda, you can play in their world and then once you complete the starting area, you then choose whether to go with the Alliance or the Horde.  While I played on in beta through the new lands (which really are nice looking and vibrant) I just dont think I can bring myself to play a panda.  I will probably go on an alternate server and roll one up just to have it, but it will not be on my main server, Scarlet Crusade.  However, with the new race comes a new class; Monk.

The Monk class is very interesting.  Monks can heal and tank and DPS.  It also can change its fighting styles based on the types of weapons that are wielded.  Quite cool-looking, actually.  I will be playing a monk on Scarlet Crusade, and it will probably be Human.  The name has already been reserved: Shadowtwk.  It stands for Shadow the Wonder Kitty.  I am doing it to honor and remember my cat Shadow, who passed this past spring.  I will definitely be going DPS for the initial 40 levels, then probably swap to healing for dungeons.

The other big change with this new expansion is the addition of companion pet battles.  It was fun in beta, but personally, little more than a novelty.  I think, however, my favorite change with the new expansion is the fact my warlock can now fight in melee range and be an effective off-tank while looking more like a demon, with large shadowed wings.  Rylar will most likely be my first toon to 90.  I will probably go back to raiding on Mereck, however.

Speaking of that, I have 9 toons at level 85: Caillech, Cyryas, Deckyon, McLeod, Mereck, Mordenkinan, Pikal, Rylar and Sherloch.  That is 45 levels there alone.  Add to it a level 53 paladin Cadeyrn and the soon-to-be-created monk Shadowtwk, I will have a total of 172 levels to go in this expansion to have all toons at level 90.  Will I?  I have no idea, but more than likely.  My biggest challenge, and one that will probably take the most time at the beginning, will be to get my UI set up for the new rotations and spells.  Rylar, Mereck and Pikal are done (for now) but the rest have not even been touched.

So much work for something that is a game.  It is still fun, however.  And with the ability to do cross-server grouping for questing, it could be even better as I can run with friends on different servers.  For now, 5:30 can’t get here soon enough.  I almost called in today, but alas, too much to do.

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